The Special One: How Can Chelsea Get The Best Out Of Fernando Torres?

Fernando Torres isn’t what he used to be. That’s the opinion of most football fans across the country, and a view that I share. The Spaniard has fallen from grace since his blistering form at Liverpool, but I still think he has enough about him to lead the line at Chelsea, which is a less-shared opinion.

Torres is a player who looks to pull off defenders and spin into space, but the pace that he was once renowned for has packed up and deserted him. He’s not the quickest, and it looks as though his footwork is deteriorating, which is why I think pace a long side him is the key.

Chelsea fans may laugh at me and tell me to stop interfering with their club, after all, I am a humble Grimsby fan, but I truly believe it will kickstart his form.

Instead of all the creativity around him when he’s stuck up top for the Blues, I believe that starting Schurrle on the left and Willian on the right is what is needed to bring the best out of him.

Torres is an intelligent player who can spark an attack with a single pass or shimmy, and when he picks up the ball he is always looking to offload it. He used to strike without thinking, but his confidence looks shot and he now relies on his movement. So, when he  receives the ball to feet, to have two explosive wingers bombing pass him giving him options, then it allows him to shift the ball wide and get into the area.

For me, pace is how to get the best out of the former Atletico Madrid striker.