5 Reasons Why I love Serie A

Maybe its because Italian blood runs through my veins, but Serie A has always been one of my favourite leagues to watch. Whether it’s a huge match between Juventus and Inter Milan or the derby between Lazio and Roma, I fall in love with the league even more every time I’m lucky enough to catch it on television. I think its pretty underrated – there is a lot of talent down in Italy, both new as well as the Italian legends that still grace the pitch for their favorite teams. Here are five reasons why I love Serie A, and why you should, too!

1. The Fans

The passion that Italian fans have for their hometown team is ridiculous. I love it when I can barley hear the commentators over the roar of the crowd behind them. A lot of times, at the beginning of the games or after someone scores its pretty hard to see because of all of the smoke from the fireworks that go off in the stands every once in a while. The atmosphere is always so amazing and it really says a lot about the league itself.

 2. The Italian Legends

Italy is known for having older players still grace the pitch for Country as well as Club. Players like Francesco Totti and Gianluigi Buffon have not only played for the Italian National Team for years but have spent their entire careers in Serie A. Totti has played for Roma since 1992! Dedication like that really shows on the pitch.

 3. The Teams

Serie A has some huge clubs with major talent. AC Milan, Napoli, Juventus, and Inter Milan are just to name a few. Superstars like Wesley Sneijder, Kaka, Robinho, Marek Hamsik, Carlos Tevez, and Fernando Llorente still call Serie A home and are always a joy to watch.

 4. Home Grown Talent

Italy is one league that has a lot of Italian players playing in it. I really love being able to watch the Italian National Team play one day, and still have a majority of that team playing for Serie A clubs the next. In fact, a majority of Italy’s starting line up in the 2012 European Cup played for Juventus, and still do today. Italy Captain Gianluigi Buffon has called Juventus home since 2001.

 5. The Style of Play

Playing football in my youth, I was a defender; again perhaps it’s my Italian heritage that lead me to the position. I love how much defense is highlighted in Italy. Yes, goals are obviously important, but in Italy people are proud to play defense. Many captains for clubs are central defenders, it’s a position, I feel that always has a strong leadership component.

In Italy, defenders get the praise that they deserve and this is only more evident in the style of play that the country has. Defence is highlighted very much in Serie A, much more so than in other European Leagues, and I think it’s awesome.