AVB In Or Out? Questions Over Tottenham Manager After 6-0 Thrashing

I’m sure everyone felt the sting from Sunday’s match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, no matter what team you support. City won with an outrageous final score of 6-0, with goals both in the opening as well as final minutes. So what went wrong here? Did City play brilliantly or were Tottenham out of sorts, or maybe both? It’s tough to say what really went wrong here, but something definitely was not right.

City did play very well, they totally deserved the win, but I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of their goals happened pretty easily, leading me to believe that it was Tottenham who were off of their game. The middle of the table is still anyone’s game, all of the teams are separated by a point or two at the most and a win or a loss could mean moving up or down several places. Even after this loss on Sunday, Spurs are only two points behind city, but five places down as well.

So what needs to be done? After a loss of this nature, there is one solution that everyone always throws out there. Should manager Andre Villas-Boas get the boot now? Should he get it in January? Should he get it at all?

In my opinion, it is never wise to replace a manager mid season. Whatever issues a side is having with a manager, things will really be far worse if one is replaced without time for everyone to mesh and get to know one another. A change like that, so suddenly, never really works out well for anyone.

This was bad, yes, but I think that everyone just needs to give AVB a break, Spurs could be doing a lot worse, and there is always time for improvement – it is only November after all.