Why Cristiano Ronaldo Deserves All The Praise He Gets

I’m a pretty stubborn individual; I’ve been set in my ways when it comes to football. I’ve liked, as well as disliked, the same players for as long as I can remember, and once you make it on my bad list, it is near impossible to make your way off. Some players I dislike for actual reasons, and some, honestly, its just something about them that I don’t like. However, in the recent weeks a player that I was never particularly fond of has not been annoying me so much. Who knows what’s happening to me, but I do know that it is a lot easier to love rather than hate.

Cristiano Ronaldo is someone who deals with a lot of haters, people either love him or they loathe him and I was always on the negative side of that argument. I mean, I knew he was a top class player, I never doubted that, but there was just something about him that I never really liked, ever since he first became popular. I thought he was arrogant, overrated, predictable, and selfish. It also didn’t help that he always played for clubs that I was never a fan of so I was always finding myself calling for him to loose.

However, recently, I’ve found myself finally coming around, and starting to, dare I say…like him? I of course couldn’t go that far, having certain feelings about a player for so long I in no way fell in love with him over night. But, I definitely don’t hate him as much anymore.

Ronaldo has been on fire so far this season, both for club and Country. I used to hate the fact that he was a one-man team for Portugal, but actually watching him play with them it showed how important his amazing talent was in getting them to the World Cup in Brazil. They probably wouldn’t be going if it weren’t for him and I’m actually excited to be able to watch him there next year.

He’s been doing amazing for Real Madrid as well, in La Liga as well as the Champions League. He just can’t stop scoring goals! It’s unfortunate that he’s already been ruled out of today’s Champions League match against Galatasaray due to injury, I was just starting to like him too! But it’s nothing too serious and he’ll be back in business in no time.

It’s always the same players getting nominated for all of the major awards, and I always cheered for Lionel Messi – this time though, I really hope Ronaldo goes home with the Balon d’Or, he really deserves it.