Comparing The Statistics: Aguero vs Suarez

After 15 games into the Premier League season there are two South Americans leading the way in terms of goals. Luis Suarez has scored 14 goals in his 898 minutes and Sergio Aguero has netted 12 in his 1068, so I thought that I would compare the two in other areas of the pitch and see how similar they are.

The first thing that strikes me is that both players  have scored 11 goals from inside the box. They both love running at defenders and dribbling into tight spaces before having a pop at goal.

They have also had a similar number of shots – Suarez 51 and Aguero 50 – while they also split almost identically. From Suarez’s strikes, 31 have been from outside the box and 20 from inside, and Aguero has had 30 from outside and 20 from in.

Aguero has the better pass success – 84% to Suarez’s 76% – but the latter has completed more.

Match of the Day held a vote on Saturday evening asking which of the two was the better player, and Suarez came out the resounding winner from those who had taken part. Whichever you prefer, there is one thing for certain – the pair together would be a formidable partnership.

stats via Squawka