Would This Triple Transfer Shock The Footballing World?

This is like something that you could only ever pull off on Football Manager, and even then you would have to cheat – The Express are reporting that French money bags Paris Saint-Germain are preparing a triple bid for Eden Hazard of Chelsea, young Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane and Juventus’ Paul Pogba.

Should this happen, it would be a major statement to the rest of European football. The capital side would effectively be saying, “Chelsea, we are going to take your most creative player, we will snatch your most promising youngster, Juventus and Real Madrid, we may as well have the future of your defence while we’re at it.”

Of course football is all about the money these days, I think most of us have come to accept that – football clubs are businesses, after all. But it’s not nice to see a group so rich that they can just pluck the best from each club and dominate proceedings.

Should the moves go ahead then it would surely cause people to call for the financial fair play league to do something, as a lot of teams seem to be blatantly ignoring it.

I for one hope the three players don’t all end up in Paris, but if they do then PSG’s already-riduculous squad would be even better when EA Sports update FIFA.