Wenger Embarrassed For Mourinho As Arsenal Progress In FA Cup

Last week we were treated to another Jose Mourinho special. The Chelsea manager labelled Arsene Wenger – a coach with numerous major trophies under his belt and 17 years experience in charge of one of the country’s biggest clubs – a specialist in failure.

Well, Mourinho was left with egg on his face this weekend as he saw his Chelsea side knocked out of the FA Cup while Arsenal overcame a difficult Liverpool challenge to progress into the quarter finals.

I for one am glad that the Portuguese boss was made to look a bit of a fool, and I am also glad that Wenger has stuck up for himself after the insult.

The Frenchman hit back by saying he is embarrassed for Mourinho and that he was sad for Chelsea rather than himself, and I feel it was a dignified response.

Mourinho has had a huge amount of success as a boss but he has always had money to back him up. While Wenger has become renowned for picking up youngsters and nurturing them into special players and furthering their careers, Mourinho is more of a fan of spending big amounts of money to find success instantly.

The initial insult was out of line in my eyes and I am glad that it’s come back to bite Mourinho. 

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