FOUR Manchester United Players Who Should Be Given The Boot This Summer

Manchester United have had a season to forget. Yes David Moyes has to take some blame, but the players have to accept the majority in my eyes. There have been numerous occasions where those paid to win the club games have failed to perform, so as we approach the end of the season, here are four players who I believe should be offloaded in the summer.

1) Tom Cleverley

What does he offer? The midfielder has no pace, no power and struggles to make anything happen. Whilst establishing a name for himself as a youngster he would get in opponents’ faces and make life difficult for them, but he is almost 25 and he has failed to reach his potential.

He is not world class, and isn’t good enough to warrant a place in the squad, in my opinion.

2)  Rio Ferdinand

Ferdinand has lost his touch, lost his speed and is continually beaten in one-on-one encounters. As far as I know he is out of contract in the summer, which gives us [Manchester United] the perfect opportunity to give him the boot.

Come on, Moyes.

3) Nani

Is there any point in him being at the club? He has hardly featured over the last couple of years and even when he does he fails to live up to his build up. For me he is the wrong type of winger for United, as his delivery is shocking, and I think it is time to say goodbye to the Portugal international.

4) Anders Lindegaard

I think it is about time that we showed the Danish shot-stopper the exit and brought in someone who is actually going to put pressure on the number 1 shirt. De Gea is the best keeper in the Premier League, in my eyes, and Lindegaard is not suitable back up.