Two All-Time Greats: Pele and Ronaldo

Football fans have this odd nature of comparison. We love to compare. And sometimes we create our own parameters for judging players, forgetting the subjective aspects that are inextricably linked with this beautiful game.

Here we are, locked in a fascinating debate. We’re stuck in a confined place, comfortably seated in the on-board lounge of an Emirates A380 flight, asking a  simple question: who is better – Portugal skipper Cristiano Ronaldo or Brazilian legend Pelé.

This is exactly what;Emirates have tried to answer with the two All Time Greats.

Emirates have been the official partner of the FIFA World Cup since 2006. They have come up with this campaign, ahead of the grand carnival in South America this summer, celebrating the addition of former Manchester United winger, Ronaldo, to their long list of global ambassadors, of which Pelé is already an integral part of.

Ronaldo has this aura with him that makes him so special in everything he does. With his trademark wink, casual flipping away pages of football magazine, there is this typical insouciant, affable arrogance yet adorable demeanour of his, seemingly draws all attentions, judging by the endless gaze from the barmaid.

Pelé, the Black Pearl, on the other hand, emerges from the shadow and wins the battle of egos by clicking a picture of a football fan with Ronaldo.

But that doesn’t answer our question. Seriously who is better between the two?

Pelé is football equivalent to what Achilles is to the Greeks and Beowulf to the Englishman. World Cup is considered as the greatest mega event in football, and Pelé have won the competition thrice.

However, despite all his greatness, critics often point out that Pelé was never tested in the European club level competitions. He spent his best part of football in the Brazilian league, which cannot be placed in the same rank with other top European leagues.

On the other hand, Ronaldo, the winner of two Ballon d’Or is a modern great. He joined Manchester United at the tender age of 17 and was asked to fill the boots of club legend, David Beckham. He did it in some style and after winning all the major accolades he could with the Red Devils, he went out of his comfort zone to test himself in a different league, with arguably the biggest football club in the world, Real Madrid.

International success is something that is missing in Ronaldo’s glorious portfolio, but with Brazil 2014 a few months away, the Real Madrid superstar will be hoping to rewrite the history by taking his nation to World Cup glory.

What do you think? Who is the better footballer? Pelé or Ronaldo? Watch the Emirates video, join in the twitter debate using #AllTimeGreats and Let me know in the comments below… 

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