THREE Reasons Why Arsenal MUST Keep Hold Of Santi Cazorla Despite Recent Criticism

After comments from Santi Cazorla, some Arsenal fans are wanting him out of the club. Here are three reasons that the Gunners must keep hold.

1) creative force

Arsenal are a side who like to play nice football, and part of that philosophy means the more nimble players are likely to succeed, as they tend to have better ball control. Cazorla’s touch is exquisite and he is a main part of the Gunners’ attacking unit. The little Spaniard loves to thread passes to the strikers and this season he has four league assists to his name.

2) flexibility

As well as playing down the left flank, Cazorla function on the right and down the centre of the pitch. Not many players are able to play in all three roles so effectively and to get rid of that would be silly, in my opinion.

He’s a player who is happy to play for the team too, so it is rare to see him take up an attitude if he is in a role he doesn’t consider his strongest.

3) consistent

Since the little playmaker joined the club he has been making things happen, whether that be at home or away from the Emirates. Consistency is key if you’re looking for a trophy, so I think he should stay.