Suarez To Real Madrid, Benzema To Arsenal? Why This Would Be The Perfect Scenario For Gunners

A scenario where there is two positive outcomes? In the world of football it’s a common that is experienced by clubs and fans alike. But, when you do experience it, you’ll always feel better internally. When was the last time you experienced such an emotion?

Arsenal started the season with emotions similar to this with them being top of the league and winning most games. However, fast forward to the second half of the season and you’ll be lucky to find even one positive from any fan.

The North London club still have a chance of letting the fans feel this emotion again with the FA Cup in their hands and more Champions League football next season by finishing in the top four.

The summer also promises to give the fans a fantastic feeling as, according to the Daily Express, Karim Benzema could be bought by the Gunners and Luis Suarez sold to Real Madrid.

Why don’t we go big and go Suarez you ask? Going head-to-head with Real Madrid is ill advised. If this saga is anything like last years belter’s then Arsenal shouldn’t wait until the end of the season, letting other targets slip through the net, and be left empty handed at the end.

Two other reasons spring to mind when talking about this topic. The first being is that Benzema is actually a very good striker and has been clinical for a number of seasons. in 46 domestic game this season, he’s scored 23 goals and claimed 15 assists. 17 of those goals have come in the La Liga. Which ranks him right up there with the best in the league.

The other reason is that Luis Suarez has been Liverpool’s best player this season and has also, probably, been the best in the league. Goals and assists galore for the Uruguayan this season and if a player that big leaves Liverpool it could damage them. From a rivals point of view, that can only be a good thing.

From a neutrals, though, it could decrease the reputation that the Premier League is the best league in the world.

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