THREE Reasons Why Fergie Was To Blame For Moyes Sacking

David Moyes is no longer Manchester United manager. After 10 months in charge, the Scot left the club after a dismal season. Here are three reasons why Sir Alex Ferguson is to blame for Moyes’ dismissal.

1) Feeble squad

Sir Alex Ferguson may have won the Premier League title last year with Manchester United, but the squad he did it with was nothing short of average.

With the likes of Nani, Ashley Young, Tom Cleverley and Rio Ferdinand in the squad and considered key members, Ferguson left Moyes short changed in my opinion.

He should have worked with the new management to provide new signings and addressed the weaker points in the squad.

2) Successful background

Although not his fault, and probably a little unfair to point out, Ferguson’s success prior to his retirement set up his successor to fail, whether he liked it or not. However, to choose someone who only had experienced at a mid-table side was unfair.

I think that is unfair on both Moyes and the people above him, as they had to trust his judgement.

3) Final say

According to reports coming out, Ferguson had a say in the dismissal of the former Everton manager. I think that is a low blow.

After putting him forward in the first place, and bigging him up throughout, to help make the decision to sack him is a bit cheeky.