England vs Italy – Live Blog

The time has come. Once every four years England braces itself for a month of shattered dreams, false expectation, penalty shoot-outs spent hiding behind the sofa and the almost-guaranteed witch hunt of our star-player-who-failed-to-perform-and-now-deserves-to-be-dropped-forever. The World Cup is well and truly here.

But, the times, they are changing. England expects , and with a rejuvenated squad, Hodgson’s men are travelling across the Atlantic to finally bring it home. More importantly though, we already knew this was gonna happen, so we’ve only gone and created the finest Live Blog coverage of England’s exploits in Brazil across June and July.

Italy are first up, so why not grab a cuppa, put on your favourite slippers, and settle in for the late kick-off in Manaus with all the action brought to you in our great looking (don’t mind if we say so) Live Blog. The best tweets, Vines, YouTube clips, commentary and stats delivered by the fans for the fans.

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