World Cup Woes: Where Has It All Gone Wrong For England?

After four years of hype, it looks as though England’s World Cup is over after just two games. Roy Hodgson’s men followed their 2-1 loss to Italy with defeat against Uruguay last night, with Luis Suarez hogging the limelight because of his two goals. But where has it all gone wrong for the Three Lions?

The first thing that has to be questioned is the two-man midfield. In both games England have been overrun in the middle and have had no answer to the extra bodies. The only other nation in the tournament to play with a midfield pairing, off the top of my head, is Brazil. Though their duo of Luis Gustavo and Paulinho are more mobile that Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson.

I also think the media have to take some blame. With all the negativity surrounding the players in the build up – Wayne Rooney being picked apart for instance – it can only have a negative effect on them.

The attack not being built around Rooney is another thing that I point at. He is by far the most capable player the country have and to deploy him in a role that is not his best is quite naive, in my opinion.

Where do you think it has gone wrong?

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