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Football Insurance At Grassroots Level

We’ve all seen the graphic replays of some of the worst career ending tackles in the history of football.

We’ve all watched as numerous professional footballers take on the nickname of ‘Sicknote’ and watch their once dazzling careers fade into a plight of injury woes.

Then there are countless examples of the potential footballing legends whose careers were ended before they had even signed a contract: your dad’s best mate from school who was as good as George Best, uncle Dave’s wife’s ex-boyfriend who could bend it like Beckham, that guy on your street who had trials for Fulham and Manchester City.

When a professional footballer has their career cut short from an unexpected injury or mishap they are usually covered against loss of earnings and damages incurred but what happens to the grassroots stars who break their leg in a Sunday league game? Not only can these players miss out on future earnings of millions as a top flight footballer but they have the immediate problem of not being able to go to work or look for jobs.

Whatever your status in the footballing world, sustaining an injury whilst participating in a team sport can end in serious financial losses at any level. Not many people are aware of it but even at grassroots level players, clubs, trainers and managers can insure themselves against loss of earnings or unexpected expenses resulting from their involvement in football.

In 2012 the FA investigated insurance at grassroots level and found that the majority of players were unaware of their insurance position when they stepped out onto the pitch. So it was decided that a new minimum standard needed to be introduced.  The National Game Insurance Scheme was introduced to improve upon lack of guidelines and to raise the standard of cover available. The FA also ruled that it should be mandatory for all adult 11-a-side grassroots players to have personal accident insurance. This not only insured that all players would be protected but it was also put in place to reduce litigation within the game as a whole.

The FA looked to companies like Bluefin Sport – who were awarded a Football Business Award for ‘Best Professional Service Business Serving Football’ in 2013 – to deliver the National Game Insurance Scheme across the UK, and to specifically design insurance policies aimed at grassroots football.

The cover was intended to pay out against expenses and risks that grassroots sportsmen and women had never thought of such as: loss of earnings, time off work, hidden hospital costs, medical aids, special equipment, home assistance and travel to and from the hospital (including hospital parking fees).

Since their appointment as an approved insurance broker to deliver the National Game Insurance Scheme throughout the country, companies like Bluefin now provide insurance policies to tens of thousands of grassroots football players, clubs and match officials in the UK, leaving everyone with enough peace of mind to get back to focusing on the beautiful game.

Bluefin Sport is one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers, providing specialist insurance and risk management services to individuals and businesses.

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