Did Arsenal’s Wilshere Use The Phrase “F**k off you f**kin p****y” On Chelsea Captain?

A whole lot of crazy things happened throughout the game as Chelsea outclassed Arsenal to pick up three comfortable points at Stamford Bridge. It was Hazard and Diego Costa with the goals while Fabregas assisted one of them.

The game although lacked that fiery London Derby gameplay, had some heated moments right from the kickoff. Arsene Wenger decided to push Jose Mourinho on the touchline as Sanchez was shown the Premier League’s brutality by Garry Cahill. And in the aftermath of that incident, Arsenal were awarded a free-kick during which Jack Wilshere decided to exchange few nasty words towards his former International team captain John Terry.

From what is doing the rounds on Twitter, we assume the exact words from Wilshere were¬†F**k off you f**kin p****y”

Have a look at it and decide for yourself:


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