Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughMario Balotelli Involved In Another Racial Controversy Mario Balotelli Involved In Another Racial Controversy

Liverpool Star Involved In Another Racial Controversy

Mario Balotelli, right, with brother Enoch, left

Controversial Italian striker Mario Balotelli is back again with a brand new controversy after he posed as a wrestler with his brother Enoch, which was hit by the “vile race” hate abuse, Daily Star reported. The 24 year old Liverpool striker has posted a photo in Instagram in which he was sporting a Mexican-style wrestling mask (worn by WWE superstar Rey Mysterio) and put his tongue out while he posed.

The picture received several web trolls that bombarded the striker with a string of twisted racist abuses.

Blueberries, an online moniker wrote: “It’s good that u covered that gorilla face of yours, you f****** n*****.”

Instagramers also vowed to report the taunts to police in a bid to bring the culprits under judicial custody. This was evident by a comment that read “You make me sick. This is getting reported to the police. Race hate.”

“I feel sorry for people like you,” wrote an user Minusanthony in reply to Blueberries’ comment.

In honour of WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio, the brothers posted the picture with a caption which read “Rey Mysterio mask… we just don’t care with love.”

This is Balotelli’s second controversy in one month after he was ruled a one-match ban by the FA after posting a allegedly racial post that featured videogame Super Mario. He was also fined 25,000 Pounds for it and was asked to apologize to the fans which he obliged.

The latest Instagram controversy is Balotelli’s second controversy in which he received a lot of racial abuses. He tweeted “Man Utd…LOL” after Manchester United’s shock 5-3 loss against Leicester City last September. It was retweeted by 100,000 users and for that Balotelli received a lot of racial abusive messages for which a many accounts that sent the abuse was closed down.

He was also involved in a lot of controversy during his time in Manchester City and both the Milan clubs.

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