REPORT: Arsenal Speedster Signs A New Deal

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott who was previously endorsing for Nike has just recently signed a boot deal with rivals Adidas, cutting ties with his previous manufacturer with whom he had spent most of his career. The Arsenal winger thus joins the likes of Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale in the #ThereWillBeHaters campaign, which showcases the ability of these icons to almost attract as much hate as they do love.

Walcott seems a strange fit, as his image is one of a polite and well spoken young gentleman and he certainly doesn’t generate as much ‘hate’ as some of the others. In any case, it’s surely a good deal for the Gunner, who posted the first pictures to his social media, aiming the boot like a gun at the camera. Walcott’s horrific knee injury made his miss the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but this Adidas deal confirms that he’s back with a bang.

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