SHOCKING! Rene Girard says Arsenal are proof that the Premier League is sh*t

Just when Arsene Wenger thought that his nightmare was over on Wednesday night, he must have been in for a shock on Thursday morning. Arsenal crumbled at home to AS Monaco in the Champions League in a shocking defeat, which many had predicted an easy win for the English side. Wenger was criticized a lot, to the extent that some even demanded his sacking. Papers and his own fans did not support him when he was down and clearly this angry mob caught the attention of Lille coach Rene Girard, who rushed over to join in. The Daily Mail have published quotes from Girard, who told journalists,

“To those who say our league is shit, it [Monaco’s win over Arsenal] proves there’s perhaps shit elsewhere as well.”

In a way, he is right though and the Gunners are proof that a billion dollar franchise such as the Premier League has no right to comment on other leagues. Liverpool also embarrassed themselves in Europe, after being knocked out of the group stage of the Champions League by Swiss side, FC Basel. The bottom line is that there are no easy games in the Champions League and now Arsene Wenger knows it.

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