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3 Defenders Who Manchester United Should Target This Summer

Manchester United seem to be in the market for almost every position in the team. They of course need to build their defence which has not looked the best although they have kept a pretty good record of not conceding goals. United will have money to spend, we know that and here we try to look at 3 players who could end up at United next season or at least players whom United can target for next season.

Nathaniel Clyne

One of the unsung heroes of the Southampton team, while people are praising Pelle and Tadic for their performances, Nathaniel Clyne has slowly become one of their best players for Soton and could well be one of the best right backs in the Premier League. Clyne has been so good for Southampton that he is sure to get a permanent position in Roy Hodgson’s England squad.

Clyne is only 23 years of age and can defend and attack equally well, something which would be of great use to Manchester United. Clyne might be a pricey proposition after the end of the season, but he is a player who is in the Manchester United mould and would be a great addition to any squad, let alone Manchester United.

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