2016 Sports Betting Advice For Football

While many sports bettors and handicappers are still focused on their 2015 picks, we’re already busy gathering information and preparing for the coming 2016 sports betting season. There’s plenty of great futures bets already available, which present great payout and odds if you know what you’re doing.

From European Premier League Football to America’s National Football League, there’s endless opportunities to cash in on sports in 2016. Futures wagers are a great way to get a larger payout, but with such an advanced wager preceding the actual contests, it takes extra planning and sometimes even a little bit of luck to strike it big. The earlier you place your wager on a futures pick, the higher the payout for that particular pick. So for example, if you wanted to place a $5,000 wager on the Patriots -3 over the Ravens during the 2016 NFL regular season, the payout will be sometimes close to double of what it would be compared to placing the wager that week of the game. For professional football you can see the latest NFL lines showing how the point spreads move and when to fire off a wager as the odds move in your favor. Given how many variables that are present, and any one variable going wrong between now and then, it’s easy to understand why the payouts can be so Ludacris, however, if you place enough futures wagers, you’re bound to hit at least a few, and still make a good profit.

Other than placing futures wagers on specific games, many professional bettors also like to pick futures champion picks. For example, if you’d like to pick the winner of next year’s English Premier League, or the 2016 AFC West Winner from the NFL. Sharps like Jon Price from SIT Picks know how to profit from any sports no matter the shape of the ball or time of year. The key is being savvy and sharp when others are being lazy. This creates great opportunities. Sometimes the only issue is how big of a wager Jon Price can make during the “off season” for sports bettors.

There’s so many options to spread out your future wagers and cash-in, that it makes a lot of sense to always place some small futures wagers on large payouts for the simple fact that you’re bound to take a few of them.

Outside of futures wagers, it’s still never too early to begin preparing for the coming 2016 sports betting season. The only way to stay ahead of the bookmakers is to prepare like the bookmakers, and that means always being one step ahead. So as we close out another 2015 sports betting year and turn our collective attention to the coming 2016 year, make sure you’re making informed bets and putting yourself in the best position to win big rather than lose big.


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