Patrick Bamford

Middlesbrough Manager Welcomes The Door For Chelsea Youngster Patrick Bamford

Patrick Bamford

Centre-forward Patrick Bamford’s role at Crystal Palace has become irritating for his parent club, Chelsea. After just two senior club appearances for the youngster in the Premier League, the Chelsea prospect is looking to get off of the bench and back to scoring goals. Bamford rejected a move that would have him stay at Championship side Middlesbrough for the entire 2015/16 campaign. Hoping to gain first team experience on loan at Palace, Bamford unbeknownst, finds himself on the bench week after week.

With his talent being wasted away and his fitness becoming delicate, Chelsea have had enough of seeing their promising prospect waste away on the bench and they have threatened to take the 22-year-old back from Palace to find him a club that is more suitable.

This is where speculation has turned to Middlesbrough manager, Aitor Karanka. When the Spaniard was asked whether or not he’d welcome back Bamford after leaving the club in the summer, Karanka said, “I told [Bamford] that he would have the doors open for him always [at Boro].” Bamford claimed the Player of the Year award for the Sky Bet Championship in 2014/15, scoring 19 times for Middlesbrough (17 in the league) with 39 appearances.

While this is only speculation, Middlesbrough would be wise to try and get Bamford back on a loan deal. Not only would he play first team football straight away, but he has already built chemistry with a familiar supporting cast. However, if Chelsea decides to bring back the striker, do not be surprised if they give him a spot with the first team at Chelsea. While Chelsea is star studded and experienced, their lack of form could entice Mourinho to hang on to the striker and use him off the bench as a motivator to his squad. In the uncertain days of Mourinho’s reign at Chelsea, he could look for anything (or anyone) to help his squad improve.

If however, Chelsea decides to loan Bamford out to another club, Middlesbrough will surely be the favorite to win him back. Middlesbrough currently sit in second spot in the Sky Bet Championship and with the sure foot of the young striker, Bamford could be just the player they need to challenge for the Championship title this season.


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