Understanding Why The Premier League Is The Perfect Destination For Zlatan Ibrahimovic

zlatan ibrahimovic

Lots of the football enthusiast community is talking about why the Premier League is the perfect destination for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Mino Raiola is his agent, and Mino Raiola has been more or less trying to keep the fans guessing as much as possible about what is ultimately going to happen to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Many people … Read more

And Then There Were Three – Pogba & Mourinho Thrive In Midfield Trio

paul pogba

Just as the crescendo built to a cacophony, Paul Pogba has finally found some form. The world’s most expensive player was in danger of being labelled the worst signing in the history of football. A late return to training didn’t help. Like many of the elite, he enjoyed a prolonged holiday and then further time … Read more

Tips For Successful Football Betting

There are many ways to win big in football if one adopts the right strategy. Whether you bet for fun or take things a little more seriously, you want to be making smart decisions that will help you profit in the long-term.  To improve your skills, all you need is a few tips on how … Read more

Are Arsenal Bottling It Once Again In The Title Race After The 2 – 1 Loss To Manchester City?

Any Gunners fan will tell you that every time that Wenger’s team puts themselves in a dominant position in the EPL, their team bottles it. Arsenal had the chance at the weekend to stake their claims as genuine title contenders on Sunday and after starting well, they blew it. Instead of finishing the weekend in … Read more