Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughDiscarded shoe fuels transfer rumours - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough Discarded shoe fuels transfer rumours - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

Discarded shoe fuels transfer rumours

Who is the Nottingham big foot?

Derbyshire police report that they are trying to trace the owner of a pair of size 21 shoes, yes, you read it right, size 21!

The shoes were left in a petrol station in Long Eaton, Nottingham, and police have confirmed that they suspect the shoes belong to a sportsman. Their detective work has led them to conclude it may be a footballer or ‘possibly a basketball player’.

Thus far, their search has proved fruitless and the gigantic Nike trainers are still to be reunited with their rightful owner.

Let us see if we can help Derbyshire police eliminate a few footballing candidates from their enquiries. If these shoes really did belong to a footballer then ask yourself, who could it possibly be?

Well, Nottingham Forest’s training ground, about a 30 minute drive from the petrol station in question, may be a good place to start. The red and white trainers match the clubs colours after all. By heck, we’re close to cracking the case already!

But who in the Forest team is gigantic enough to fit the profile?

Could it be big Dele Adebola? The 6 foot 3 front man is a big unit, but sources tell us that the Nigerian striker, who came on as a sub in the defeat at Scunthorpe on Wednesday was in fact booted up. The sheer size of the shoes too suggests the culprit may be even more gigantic.

I’ve got it, maybe other English football giants Nicola Zigic or Peter Crouch had been in sneaky talks with Nottingham Forest during last month’s transfer window and had left their trainers behind? Was Billy Davies trying to woo Crouch or Zigic with a shiny pair of Forest coloured trainers?

No, no, impossible, with both of those giants currently playing important roles for their respective clubs we can safely rule them out of being given the green light for a move elsewhere.

What about, yes this time I’ve definitely got it, I’ll give you some clues; he’s tall, obviously, a striker, (of sorts, he doesn’t score many these days!) and is, like Adebola, Nigerian, got it yet? OK, one more clue – he is currently playing his trade at Portsmouth. Come on, you must have it by now?

That’s it! It must be Nwankwo Kanu, the gigantic striker himself – owner of the biggest feet in English football! Has the former Arsenal and Inter man been sneaking around in Nottingham getting gifts from Billy Davies? Or are they just some red and white trainers from his Arsenal days? Who knows?

But someone should give big foot Kanu a call. I’m sure he’ll want his trainers back, it’s not like most sports shops have size 21’s kicking about for him to buy  a new pair is it? 

Michael Smith

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