Snoods a silly boy

Every man and his dog have had their say on the Italian inspired neck wear. The first time I noticed the snood was Francesco Totti sporting a jazzy orange number in a game with his arch-rivals Lazio. I recall having a giggle at it, thinking about how pathetic it looked and how we would never see that in England. Just a few weeks later and I see the lads snooding-up in the portakabin before we kicked off on a Sunday morning.

I read Paul Ince last week had come out slamming the snood. Nobody would be seen dead wearing something like that in his era – Ruddock, Bruce and Vieri to name just a few…

I am all for modernisation in the game in terms of technology and trends. I mean these people are paid thousands of pounds so it would be daft to see them running around in a dirty kit or shabby boots from yesteryear.

I don’t hate the snood, after ten minutes playing at -2° in the winter, if someone offered me one I think I’d take it… but I do agree with Incey’s thoughts more than I disagree.

Footballers don’t need a snood or a pair of tights. Like another manager recently said: ‘if they’re cold then they’re not working hard enough.’ It’s a very fair comment I think. I mean if FIFA hadn’t banned it, where would it stop? Would we soon be seeing Nani and friends running around in a balaclava and bomber jacket before long?

The fact that I am even writing about something like this, a major talking point according to FIFA, is quite bizarre really. It not only represents the changes in football’s fashion conscious ‘superstars’, but the mentality across the game too. Surely there must be more pressing issues for FIFA to talk about?

Simon Bourne!/I3orny

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