I can’t believe it’s not better!

Just when I think this could be our year, I remember we are Manchester City. The lacklustre performance last night against Dynamo Kiev resulted in a 2-0 first legged loss giving us not a big mountain but a mountain to climb all the same to reach the UEFA Cup quarter finals.

After that result I had the dreaded thought of the worst week in the season becoming a reality, a defeat to Reading and then crashing out of the UEFA cup the following Thursday and like a digital clock, the number 35 flicking becoming 36.

Maybe a bit pessimistic you say, but from years of experience of being let down in this situation plenty of times mainly in the quarter finals of the FA Cup and more recently the quarter final in UEFA against Hamburg and the Carling cup to United, I and many others could see this being ‘typical city’ yet again, then again, we are that unpredictable at times, you never know what you get with us blues.

I suppose it could have been worse, it could have been a score incapable of matching in the home leg. I will still have a bit of hope and ‘keep the faith’, a phrase I know too well and have been doing for a while, how long are we supposed to keep this faith?

Unfortunately no matter how much you hate your team at times, you love them so much more, I guess its roll on Sunday.

Please City………..for me!

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