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player of the year

It’s that time of the year again, when it id decided who has been the best player of the year. The nominees for this year’s award are Bale, Vidic, Parker, Adam, Tevez and Nasri.

Every player has a case for sure, Bale has burst onto the scene recently and has destroyed teams like Inter Milan almost on his own. Manchester United are where they are in the league due to their defence holding out teams, this is in no small part down to Vidic. Parker will almost be fully responsible if West Ham survive relegation this year. Tevez hasn’t stopped scoring goals, something city struggle for when he’s not in the team. Adam has come from nowhere, to being one of the most sought after players in the league, with passing ability and awareness second to none. Nasri seems to living up to the potential he was bought for, scoring goals and being a constant threat.

I personally think the award should go to a certain Charlie Adam. Playing for Blackpool handicaps him straight away, but despite this, he has proved to be one of the best central midfielders in the league this season. He scores goals, everything good that Blackpool produce goes through him and in a dead ball situation he excels. Aside from his work on the ball, he is their leader, the role model for the younger players off the ball too.

Let’s not forget, he was one the hot properties in the January transfer window, he could easily of kicked up a big fuss so Blackpool would force him out the door, but he didn’t, he stayed loyal to the club. He also could of let that business effect his performances for Blackpool once it was established he would be staying there for the rest of the season, but he hasn’t, in fact, he looks even more determined than ever to do everything in his power to keep Blackpool alive and kicking in the best league in the world.

Charlie Adam, a relative unknown, arriving at the premier league party and turning out to be the life of it. Players like him are not all that common nowadays, for that, we salute you, Charlie Adam, PFA player of the year. 

Chris plant

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