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Barcelona v United. And the winner is…

Barcelona V United. And the winner is…

I am of course assuming that the champions league final will be contested between these two giants of world football, but then why not, I can’t see either teams progression to the final being halted by anyone. It would make for a fitting final, the best team in Spain against the best team in England.

The question is which team comes out on top. I expect Manchester United would go into the match as underdogs, a rare feeling for Sir Alex’s team, but Barcelona are without doubt the best team in the world right now, at the Nou Camp, they’re about as unbeatable as it gets in football.

In my opinion though, Manchester United would come out on top in this fixture this year. Given time on the ball, Barcelona are the most devastating team in the world, but that’s exactly what they won’t get from United. United will be in their face, physical, basically taking a leaf out of Chelsea’s book when they play Barcelona, and get good results.

With Rooney back in good form for United as well, and the little Mexican Hernandez a clinical finisher, United can cause Barcelona’s back line some serious problems, and get goals.

Now, I realise I’m about goals here, when Barcelona are involved in the game. I’m not forgetting or dismissing the threat that Barcelona carry, and when talking about goals, Barcelona are the one team you’d put money on to score goals.

I do however; believe that they won’t create the amount of chances against a good defensive United team as they would against most other teams in the world.

Whatever the result, the fixture deserves these teams fighting for the crown of Europe’s best, and, if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t hesitate putting my money on United to take that crown.


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