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‘Where are you!? Come on, where are you!? “

Everyone must recognise that familiar phrase by now, from the lips of a slightly sozzled TV celebrity chef in her disgust at the noise levels emanating from Carrow Road back in 2005. With City drawing at half time the supporter’s commitment was called into question by Norwich’s most famous fan.  Well Delia, I reckon your supporters will find their voices now, what with promotion to the hallowed Premiership clinched after Cardiff choked and gave you second place on a plate.

Poor Cardiff, they seemed to bottle it right at the crucial moment. Nerves, stress, whatever it was they rolled over and died at home to Boro to allow the Canaries automatic promotion. The team from Carrow Road last graced the Premier League 6 years ago, and under the guidance of Paul Lambert have achieved back to back promotions. Fiercest rivals Ipswich Town can only look over their shoulder in jealousy as they limp to another mid-table finish in the Championship.

What with QPR going up as well the Premiership will have a decidedly ‘old school’ flavour to it next season, especially if Blackpool can manage to stay up. To echo the comments I made with my QPR piece last week, I think it’s a breath of fresh air for the so-called smaller clubs to crash through the Premiership door, stumble about and cause the odd bit of mayhem, even if it is for one season.

I hope Delia and her new BFF Stephen Fry get out their cheque books and stump up the cash to get some new additions to the squad. Wouldn’t it be funny if they repeated their 1992 UEFA Cup successes, which included beating Bayern Munich at the Olympic Stadium?

Come on Norwich. Like QPR, ruffle some feathers, set a load of cats amongst the Top Four pigeons, and generally show the Prem that the big boys can’t have it their own way all the time. Put Norfolk back on the map, and show us it’s a county not just famous for the Broads, Colmans mustard and Sale of the Century.

Lee Morgan



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