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The Dream Lives On …

Last weekend’s defeat to Udinese looked like Lazio’s dream of getting the last Champions League place was over, but that has all changed now.

The impressive 4-2 win against Genoa on Saturday has given Biancocelesti hope, the season’s star Hernanes scored a brace taking his personal tally to 11 in an excellent debutant season in Serie A.

Results still needed to go Lazio’s way on Sunday, city rivals Roma found themselves 1-0 up against Catania with 15 minutes left, a win would have meant Edoardo Reja’s side would face an uphill battle to have the chance of competing against Europe’s finest next season.

Ex-Lazio legend Diego Simone’s Sicilian side managed to turn the game round and won 2-1 after bagging a 78th minute equalizer before Alejandro Gomez broke Romanista heart’s as he scored a winner five minutes into injury-time.

There is still a lot to do but there is a fighting chance, in simple terms it is a case of Udinese losing and Lazio winning. The side from the north face Milan at home; the Champions will want to go out on a high and the Biancocelesti are taking on Lecce who are now safe having beaten Bari on Sunday.

Finishing fourth would make a world of difference to finishing fifth, apart from the prestige of playing in the Champions League the money from television rights, sponsorship and gate receipts will help boost the club‘s finances and allow the team to be strengthened.

Hopefully come 10 o’clock on Sunday evening, Laziale will be out in their thousands walking around the streets of Rome celebrating a top four finish.

By Scott Balaam
twitter @footiefun

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