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Rooney Deserves His Punishment Handed Out By UEFA

The FA and a personal letter by Wayne Rooney have both failed to overturn his three match ban for kicking Miodrag Dzudovic during England’s 2-2 draw in Podgorcia against Montenegro last Friday evening.

A three match ban will rule him out of all of England’s group games in Poland and the Ukraine for next summer’s Euro 2012 tournament.

I am absolutely astonished that people are aggrieved that the three match ban that has been enforced for what I seen as a lack temperament and basically an assault on an opposition player. UEFA have punished him for what they class as “violent conduct”.

I know that people will view the world ‘assault’ as a harsh word to sum up Rooney’s actions but if i was to do the same to somebody on the street or in my local pub I would have to deal with the consequences of my loss of temper.

Let’s face it, Rooney has previous when it comes to a sudden loss of temper, but I would also agree that it is a while since I have seen the devil on his shoulder over power the angel on his other and convince him to perform an act of stupidity. Rooney has not been sent off for England in any European competition for six years previous to Friday evening’s buckaroo kick. Rooney has rightly been given the correct punishment for his actions and I am saying this as a Manchester United supportee.

I have tried to listen to the people defending him but I have no sympathy for him. The fact the FA stood by him tickles me! Their defence for Rooney included a piece that he left the field of play and showed no dissent towards the referee or officials and left the field of play without any argument. Do me a favour!!

Rooney walked off the pitch offering no argument because he knew deep down he had nothing to argue about. The time he had to himself as he did the walk of shame would have given him time to sum up in his head his regrets over a moment of madness and he obviously knew he was going to miss the group stages of Euro 2012, that’s the real reason he left the field of play offering no argument or outburst.

I Tweeted ex Premier League forward Jan Aage Fjortoft @JanAageFjortoft on Twitter saying:

“Rooney deserves his ban for a moment of madness”.

To which he replied:

“Ban he deserves”.

Opinions are split on UEFA’s decision to ban Rooney for three games, but I think the people that are arguing the Rooney corner were making a desperate plea to try and reduce the ban so that England’s star player was available to give this nation it’s best chance of winning a major tournament. The fact the FA fought Rooney’s defence says it all, the same association that banned the same player last season for swearing which earned him a two game ban.

When you sum it up Rooney was given a two game ban by the FA for swearing on live TV (something that he apologised for immediately after the game), the same player was then given a three match ban for a straight red card for assaulting a player (something he has not apologised for or offered an explanation for).

Rooney has got off lightly in my opinion. He will still be on the plane to the Euro 2012 championships regardless of his actions.

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7

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