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Suarez Row Damages Reputations

There is a theory in life, that anyone accused of a crime remains innocent until proven guilty. This though is something many forget to uphold in all aspects of life, and something both Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez may be beginning to realise. 

Since the race row allegations that happened over a week ago, both players have had harsh views and negative connotations to deal with, depending on your view of the incident or your allegiance to the respective clubs or either player. 

Those that are a Red of heart – a Mersyside Red that is – are calling into question Evra’s character and suggest that he may be lying about the incident and if that is proven to be the case, many are calling for the player to be fined. After all, this is not the first time that the French player has been involved in a race row. In 2008 he was involved in an altercation with ground staff at Stamford Bridge after it was alleged that a groundsman aimed racial slurs at Evra. However, nothing was proven and Evra was heavily fined. 

 Similarly, Suarez has already been labelled by a few as racist, without any proof of such behaviour. Unfortunately as the Uruguayan will find out, the taboo of being a racist is a hard mantle to drop, even of proven innocent. 

For this reason, it is good that the FA seem to be taking their merry time over what could prove to be a major blow to the reputation of either player, dependent on the outcome, whether that be the man that cried wolf or the man that is out of touch with 21st century manors and etiquette… 

Although, my main fear is that there is no conclusion that is reached regarding the incident. When Evra approached the official’s post match, it became clear that he had not been aware of any racial slurs, despite the constant consultation with the pair as they bickered throughout the  game. Similarly, no player has backed Evra’s claim. It is almost unthinkable to my mind that nobody else present on the pitch would not have heard it, were it said. 

However, the Frenchman has claimed that TV footage backs his allegations that he was racially abused ‘more than ten times.’ But for me, if neither are proven, it will be one mans word against another and as a result both men will be guilty without being proven innocent.

Without conclusive proof, you will have a group who believe Suarez to be racist and a group that will believe that the Frenchman cried wolf one too many times, both will have negative connotations which would not vanish any tome soon, such is the judging way of life.  

Suarez: Innocent or Guilty? A question that may never be answered.

Martyn Edwards


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