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Show Sir Alex The Exit Door

Firstly before the onslaught of abuse gathers momentum and is aimed in my direction please let me explain that the headline of this article is actually a quote by a so called Manchester United supporter in response to the 6-1 defeat in the Manchester derby on Sunday at Old Trafford.

I was absolutely astonished and ashamed by people claiming to be United fans taking to social networking site twitter to vent their anger towards the man responsible for the majority of United’s past and present achievements and success. Who do these people think they are?

I suspect they have a limited knowledge of football and Manchester United’s history because Sir Alex has earned the right to manage United until he decides the time is right for him to call it a day. The day will come when Sir Alex will know it’s time to leave and he will have the best interests of the club at heart when he does make that decision.

I wrote an article about the derby result for this website in which I tried to be as honest as I possibly could about the result being a Man United supporter, and to my amazement I found this response in reference to what I had said by somebody called John Tring:

“Haha, what a disgrace. As Utd fans globally we seem to feel more humiliation than those who caused this trauma. SAF seems to blame everyone except himself. I thought the buck must stop with him. He bought players at wrong positions (Young as a winger but we need a CM), his tactics and selections are just crazy. And finally he seriously thinks Evans, Fletcher, Park, Carrick, Ferdinand et el are Utd-class players. These all point to one thing: the exit door at Utd. Yes, the truth sometimes will hurt but SAF’s time’s up. He should go. Now and Here”.

I was staggered that somebody would have such a delusional knee jerk reaction to a result. Yes, it was an embarrassing and humiliating result against our Manchester rivals, but to suggest that the most successful manager in English football should “call it a day” just goes to show how fickle football fans can be. I responded to his comment on the website saying:

“Your comment does not surprise me in the slightest. It sounds to me that this message has been left by a person who has no understanding of Manchester United and what Sir Alex has done for the club. 

For you to suggest that he (Sir Alex) should be shown the exit door shows your stupidly and ignorance. The team he picked against Man City was good enough to get something out of that game but the players he selected let him down by not performing.

It’s “fans” like you that give Utd a bad name. I bet leading into Sunday’s game you were delighted with our best start to a premier league season? Just goes to show how fickle some fans can be”.

My response to the comment was backed up by United supporter Vincent Jones who also responded saying:

“Kev, I totally agree

John, I can’t believe you actually reckon Sir Alex should go. That’s the biggest load of rubbish I have heard from a fellow red in some time. Yes, we were well beaten on Sunday, but to call for SAF’s head is madness. He is the greatest manager in the history of English club football. He has done so much for Manchester United. City were better on the day, but the league isn’t over yet. Let’s see where we are in May. Remember these words: “Keep the red flag flying high, because Man United will never die.” We will bounce back.”

It’s these so called ‘fans’ that sit in armchairs or their local pub watching games who seem to have the most outrageous and strongly opinionated theories on football and the team they supposedly follow, when in reality they do not have a clue. They contribute nothing to football and the teams they claim to follow, people who show ignorance and disrespect towards a legendary figure like Sir Alex Ferguson make me sick.

Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7

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