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We can only beat big clubs

After watching the fantastic match on Sunday between Chelsea and Liverpool, obviously my first thought was of jubilation and relief that we finally got a much needed three points.

However when talking over the match I then realised that my theory I have had all season with Liverpool is that can they only beat big clubs?

This season we have beaten Chelsea and Arsenal in their own back yards and drawn with Man United, the only game we have lost against the big teams was the disastrous away game against Spurs.

Contrast to this, at home especially which is surprising for the Reds, the two draws against Norwich and Swansea will I believe in inevitably cost Liverpool this season. The two draws are games that the Reds would have expected to have won especially at home.

In recent seasons Anfield has been a fortress for Liverpool, although we are still unbeaten at home a record of 2 wins and 4 draws is poor for Liverpool’s standards. If Liverpool had picked up 6 points from the two games against the newly promoted clubs they would be sitting 3rd in the table and only 3 points behind United.

This isn’t the first time Liverpool have struggled against weaker opposition, the same problem cost Liverpool the title in the 2008/09 season when they picked up home draws to Hull City, Fulham and West Ham, when they were expected to have won these games. In that same season Liverpool did the double over Man United and Chelsea and drew both games against Arsenal.

It seems that when Liverpool play the so called weaker teams it they take the fixture lightly and go onto the pitch expecting to win. They don’t have the ruthless streak that both Manchester teams are showing this season.

For me when Liverpool play the likes of City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal there is no better team for getting results against these teams, alongside Barcelona I feel Liverpool are the next best team to have the capability to beat the big teams in the Premiership.

When Liverpool take to the field in a big fixture they play as if they are in a cup final and this attitude was clearly on show on Sunday at Stamford Bridge. It seems that the club itself and not the ability of the manager that gives the team the edge in tough high profiled fixtures.

Liverpool haven’t lost for two seasons against Chelsea and are unbeaten in four seasons at home to Manchester United. But the reason Liverpool still sit out of the Champions league places is when they fall short against the minor teams who they are expected to beat. Make Liverpool the favourites of a match and a different and poorer Liverpool team turn up!

Daniel Clark @ClarkyD92



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