Sol Campbell has the Last Laugh

My Dad is a big Spurs fan, so you can imagine his delight when the former England, Tottenham, and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell walked into his workplace a few days before the derby. After taking a moment to make sure it was him, my Dad went over to ask for his autograph.

He said Sol was a really nice fellow and certainly had the imposing physique that we’d all associated with the big center back. Not chancing missing the situation for a joke, my Dad asked Sol to sign it as the Tottenham player he’d enjoyed watching – not the Arsenal rival he later became.

Campbell signed two autographs and gave my Dad a noticeable smile.

When my Dad got home from work, he was excited to show me the autographs of the legendary player. There we were recounting what a quality defender he was when we noticed two numbers among each autograph: a two and a three.

“Sweet, he put his shirt number on there” I said slightly jealous that my Dad had met one of his team’s greater players. One of the ‘threes’  looked a bit like a five though, and as we couldn’t remember his Spurs number we decided to look it up online to get the definitive on which one it was.

After a quick google, we discovered that Campbell wore a number 6 for England and a 5 for Tottenham. So what could the 23 be then? I think you know. One costly joke for my Dad…