Messi’s golden foot

Ginza Tanaka is a name not many people have heard of, it’s a name that some people may hear over the next day or so, some probably won’t.

But the Japanese Lionel Messi fanatic, has created a masterpiece worth over £3,500,000.

It’s of course a pure gold replica of the Argentine’s left foot, weighing 25kg and measuring 25cm by 28cm.

The item goes on sale in the coming days in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, with the above six-figures being the staring bid.

Lionel Messi told BBC that he’s “Honoured to have his foot recreated in pure gold” as anyone would be.

What I have noticed, is that writers cannot complete a piece that involves Lionel Messi without mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo, so there’s his mention.

Further to this, rumours have also started to circulate that there are other items in the to-do list for the Japanese sculptor Ginza Tanaka. These rumours include historical football landmarks such as Andy Carroll’s pony tale, Titus Bramble’s skull, Jerzy Dudek’s left foot and Pascal Cygan’s right knee.

Of course the above are only rumours but you never know. Someone making a golden replica of Lionel Messi’s foot could just be the start of a sculpting craze.

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