What happened next? Can you guess? (Video)

For some end of season fun try testing your memory of some of this campaigns most bizarre incidents. In true Question of Sport style watch the clip up to a certain point, before pausing and considering from the options what happened next. Then re-start the clip to see the moment unfold.

Can you get four out of four?

1. Strange object

Start Video at 3.24, pause at 3.26.

A player picks up a mysterious object on the floor, but what happens next?

A) The player throws the object at the referee after a poor decision by the official,

B) The object is thrown into touch where it explodes, scaring the referee,

C) A fan runs onto the field and demands the object back, claiming it is his.

2. Luis Suarez

Start Video 0.00, pause at 0.03

Luis Suarez has just scored an important goal for Liverpool against Chelsea, but after the Uruguayan heads the ball home, what happens next?

A) Suarez runs into the corner and bizarrely hugs the linesman,

B) The Liverpool forward celebrates by kissing his club badge, something which provokes an annoyed Chelsea fan to come onto the pitch and confront the Uruguayan.

C) Suarez runs away in celebration, but his team-mates do not follow leaving Suarez awkwardly celebrating alone.

3. van Persie and Williams

Start Video 0.00, pause at 0.07

In this controversial incident, Swansea captain Ashley Williams appears to boot the ball at the head of Robin van Persie (anyone notice how Williams was linked to Arsenal after this!), but can you remember what happens in the aftermath?

A) An annoyed Wayne Rooney runs into the scene and pushes Williams,

B) Williams is quick to apologise to van Persie and helps the Dutchman to his feet,

C) An enraged van Persie lunges towards Williams, but loses his footing and ends-up grabbing the groin of the Welshman, making the incident even more undignified.

4. Paralympic football

Start Video 0.00, pause at 0.17

In this game between Great Britain and Spain from last summer’s Paralympics, a British forward scores a wonder-goal to get the host nation back into the game. But in the strikers excitement, what happens next?

A) The striker runs over and mistakenly hugs the referee,

B) The British forward picks the ball out of the goal and runs off with it, refusing to let go,

C) The strikers team mates mob the player, which delays the kick-off.

Will Mata