Chelsea could loan striker to Premier League club



Let’s for the moment agree that the often quoted saying “money isn’t everything” is true and not just something made up by rich folk to make poor people feel less aspirational.

If so, then can someone tell me why on earth Romelu Lukaku is staying at Stamford Bridge?

The player is according to the Mail close to agreeing a deal to join Swansea on loan next season, this after what was generally considered a successful term being borrowed to West Brom.

I get the loan system, I understand how it works and that it can be a very useful tool for young players to gain experience by playing competitive football every week.

I’ve seen it work, Tottenham’s Kyle Walker at Villa and QPR, Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere at Bolton, United’s Danny Welbeck at Sunderland, all returned to their clubs stronger and better prepared to make a serious challenge for a first team spot.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any such Chelsea success stories, I can think of some failures, Kevin De Bruyne bought for £7million, the club are now apparently desperately trying to persuade him to become a makeweight in their deal to sign Andre Schurrle.

Scott Sinclair, about 135 loans in four years before they finally shipped him to Swansea presumably omitting to inform him that there’d been no return ticket purchased on this occasion.

Gael Kakuta, future world beater turned current world traveller, presently on loan in his third different country.

I could go on, Jack Cork, Michael Mancienne, Fabio Borini, Franco Di Santo, but I won’t.

Ryan Bertrand I suppose has come closest to making a breakthough but I doubt that you could find one Chelsea fan out there who thinks that when Ashley Cole retires, the 23-year-old ex Bournemouth, Oldham, Norwich, Reading and Forest loanee will be next in line to fill his boots.

I can see the Chelsea fans now scrambling around for evidence to prove me wrong, McEachran? I’m not sure, how many even realised he was on loan at Middlesbrough last season?

Courtois? Doubtful, more likely now he’ll be used as a bargaining tool for Falcao.

So I return to my original point, if not for money why else would Lukaku stay at Chelsea. When a club has the cash to buy the latest superstar, they generally buy the latest superstar.

Unless he goes to Swansea and scores 35 goals next season he’ll be going back on loan somewhere else the season after that.

He’s probably already made a tidy pot, I’d say cut your losses now, make a move, put down roots and began a career somewhere that you’re actually wanted.

Allen Whyte

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