Manchester United set to battle it out with Germans to land Argentine talent



Just when David Moyes thought everything was going so smoothly, he’s got his dream job, millions to spend on new players, a fat new pay rise, the poor bloke must have had quite a shock when he woke up this morning.

The Express reports that United will now have to “vie with Bayer Leverkusen” if they wish to sign Benfica star Nicolas Gaitan.

How Moyes managed to drag himself out of bed on receiving such earth shattering news is a miracle to us all and clearly shows the strength of character that Sir Alex identified in his fellow Scot when he put him forward for the role.

Please forgive my sarcasm and what I’m about to say is in no way meant disrespectfully to Bayer Leverkusen.

They’re a fine club with a good history and a very consistent recent past but they’re not a big club. They’ve never been champions of Germany, they’ve won the national cup once, they have a ground capacity of 30,000 and an average attendance of 28,000, 14th best in the Bundesliga.

It’s essentially like Gareth Bale being made available by Spurs and a paper reporting that Norwich were going to push United all the way for his signature.

The idea that United will have to “Jostle” with Leverkusen to get Gaitan is laughable.

I suggest that if the 25-year-old Argentine’s agent called him into a room sat him down and laid out both options in front of him then Old Trafford would be his most likely destination.

Had the opposition been Bayern Munich or Real Madrid or Chelsea then yes I agree some trepidation may well have been called for, Bayer, sorry I just don’t see it.

Allen Whyte


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