Liverpool enter race for La Liga winger


One of the most important lessons to learn in life is, to know your limitations.

I recognised the benefits of this particular mantra fairly early in my childhood, just after receiving several stitches in a head wound following an attempt to dismount from a speeding merry go round.

Based on today’s headline in the Express stating that: “Liverpool join tug of war for Navas”, someone at Anfield hasn’t quite learned mastered the message of the doctrine.

The “tug of war” is a three way battle, I’m not quite sure that’s possible in a tug of war but I’ll go with it.

The other participants are Manchester City and Real Madrid; I suggest if this were a tug of war it would be like putting the US Special Forces up against the cast of Dad’s Army.

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of respect for Liverpool, they are a great club football club, fantastic worldwide brand, wonderful history, great songs, I give them all that.

They’ve had a few PR blips in the last couple of years, almost entirely Uruguayan related but that shouldn’t mask the fact that they are an organisation that does attempt to do things in the right way.

I do feel however that when it comes to competing in the transfer market against the likes of Manchester City and Real Madrid they need to employ a bit of realism.

Without the success of their glory years and without the money of most of their rivals, Liverpool need to continue on the path that they are going, building slowly from the bottom.

They have a potentially excellent group of English teenagers coming through, the likes of Sterling, Ibe, Ojo and Sinclair in four or five years time could be the envy of Europe.

Supplementing those with the Coutinho’s and Suso’s and Teixeira’s who have all been brought in, has to be the way for Liverpool to go.

So my message to Brendan Rodgers would be, don’t get involved in things that don’t concern you, it’s too soon to battle the big boys in the transfer market.

Allen Whyte


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