Rafa Benitez lines up Chelsea star for Napoli (video)


As if Rafa Benitez hasn’t done enough for Chelsea, the Express reports that he’s prepared to take some time centre back David Luiz with him to Italy.

When I say some time centre back I’m not referring to his recent ventures into midfield, I’m actually talking about when he is playing at centre back.

To be fair Luiz has improved a bit recently, his concentration and consistency have been better this season.

That said, with Jose’s teams generally built on an impregnable back four, it’s by no means certain that the former Benfica player will feature in his favoured position.

A reference point to how Mourinho will see fit to handle Luiz could be seen in his management of Portuguese defender Pepe.

The two share many similarities not least that despite all the gifts to be top class centre half’s they can occasionally allow indiscipline and lack of focus to hinder performances and progress.

Pepe latterly at Madrid, like Luiz at Chelsea has been utilised in midfield and in truth I’m not sure that this is the right solution for either.

I think that Mourinho will look at the teams he’s competing against for the Premier League title and question whether Luiz would consistently get into those sides in a central midfield position.

He can possibly do a horses for courses job in certain games but if Chelsea require a world class holding midfielder, well they can just go and buy one.

I do doubt however that Mourinho will be immediately receptive to Rafa’s move on his bushy haired Brazilian.

At 26, Luiz is still young enough to take on board the new manager’s methods and ideas, and the soon to be former Real Madrid boss will doubtless feel that he can improve any player.

I wouldn’t be entirely surprised though if come January Rafa came calling again and at that point received a more hospitable response.

Allen Whyte


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