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Wigan Chairman should not be seen or heard


If there were a television programme called Britain’s Favourite Old People, as voted for by the inhabitants of this country, I reckon that Dave Whelan would be right up there.

He may not be top two; The Queen and Brucie would probably have that nailed down but I think he might squeeze into third.

It would be tough, there’s a lot of competition out there, perhaps more than ever but as that loveable granddad figure the 76-year-old Wigan Chairman would be hard to beat. This is why it pains me to say what I’m about to say.

Dave Whelan is beginning to get on my nerves.

For years to me he has exemplified what is great about the game. Following his playing career, he went away made his own money and was then brave enough to return and give something back.

He bought Wigan when they were a fourth tier team and promised to get them into the Premier League. He made good on his pledge in 2005 by which time he had already funded the construction of their new stadium.

He has overseen his club’s extended stay at the top level of English football and two cup final appearances.

Perhaps most importantly he has run his football club with integrity and in an age when commonsense and loyalty are not overly used words in relation to club owners he has routinely demonstrated both.

What is my issue then I hear you ask, well i’m sick of seeing and hearing from him basically, he has become ubiquitous.

Toward the end of the season we were hearing as much from him as we were from Roberto Martinez, he was everywhere, TV, radio, quotes.

I get this to a point, the team were in a cup final and given the romantic story he was in demand but as has been my experience with a lot of old people, once they start talking they just don’t stop.

He has now decided that he should be the person to keep everyone informed regarding Everton’s search for a new manager.

Taking it upon himself to announce that compensation had been agreed and that Martinez was about to be unveiled.

Everton were rightly rather perturbed by his actions, given that they had a shortlist of three and may well have explored compensation packages with all parties, they would have felt it only right to inform all unsuccessful candidates themselves.

Whelan has continued to squeal like a supergrass with tourette’s and has exposed that he would allow Wigan players to go to Everton for the right price.

Someone needs to tell him to shut up, we do not need a running commentary from the DW Stadium, we just need you to employ a new manager pronto and then return to the shadows where chairman and owners belong.

Allen Whyte



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