Spurs not signing Colombian forward


Incredibly the agent of Porto Striker Jackson Martinez has denied claims that there has been any contact from Tottenham in relation to the player.

This would validate hitherto unsubstantiated reports that there was indeed a striker in the world that Spurs were not looking to sign.

ESPN reveals that according to Luis Manso, the 26-year-old goal getter is not interested in leaving Portugal: “He is happy and his family too. Jackson Martinez has always said he wants to stay at FC Porto.”

In true transfer window style the story appeared from nowhere, did the rounds for a few days and now all parties will deny all knowledge.

It begs the question where do these stories come from? I find it hard to believe that someone just makes them up!

In the case of Martinez rumours began to surface towards the end of May and were reported in various English publications, the origin though appears to be unnamed Portuguese sources.

The Villas Boas connection with Porto seems to be the only constant in the thread of links and added substance to the possibility. The fact that Martinez only joined the club last summer and therefore never played for the former Chelsea manager should however render any value tainted.

Spurs to their credit rarely discuss transfer rumours and as a result don’t give any credence to speculation. They prefer to direct their supporters to the official website where they will be the first to announce any completed deals.

This could be part of the reason why there seems to be a disproportionate amount of conjecture surrounding the North London club. It’s possible they are seen as an easy target and the press can keep putting the stories out there safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any denials emanating from White Hart Lane.

Whilst there is probably a small amount of contact working and reliable source drilling going on, I think the football journalist’s general rule in regards to transfer gossip is “if you don’t shoot you don’t score”.

Spurs will eventually buy a striker this summer, maybe more than one and the more names that are thrown in the ring, the better the chance of someone actually getting it right.

Allen Whyte


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