The emotional rollercoaster of the transfer window

Another transfer window is upon us and with it comes the unique blend of anticipation, excitement and disappointment that only football can produce.

As the league season draws to a close, it starts to become apparent who will be leaving a club at the end of their contract or who will be retiring, something which several high-profile players have chosen to do this summer.  Those that depart may need replacing but, regardless of any outgoings, fans expect to see their club sign people who will improve them ahead of the following campaign.

Clubs that have just been relegated prepare themselves for the inevitable, as those that can offer a season in the league above swoop in for their top talent.  New managers come in with their own ideas, resulting in players following them from their previous employers.  Meanwhile, those that were guaranteed a place in the team face uncertainty as they do not travel with the club on their pre-season tour.

Signings are announced that were already well publicised, whilst others come out of nowhere before the media get chance to report them.  Fans are overjoyed at the acquisition of a player they have never heard of, whilst others still seem happy when their club gets someone they previously thought wasn’t much good.  They are new, after all, and deserve to be given a chance.

The transfer window causes supporters to go mad with optimism.  Whether it is early June or late August, rumours are rife about who is going where and who is signing who.  The growth of Twitter has seen stories travel from continent to continent instantaneously, whether they are true or not.

Quality and quantity are the main aims of any club in a transfer window.  They want the best players and as many of them as possible.  However, things are rarely that simple and quite often don’t work out that way.

When it comes down to it, whether their club has just signed a proven 20-goal-a-season striker or some unknown 22-year-old from Romania, it seems that football fans just love a fresh face.

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