Opinion: Could Phil Jones Be The Solution To Manchester United’s Midfield Problem?

Manchester United’s victory after Arsenal the other day was written off by a lacklustre Gunners display and United doing ‘what they needed do’. However, when you look closer to the individual displays it’s clear to see that Phil Jones had a brilliant game, and it wasn’t for the first time this season

The lumpy defender is a superb player to have in your squad. He can be deployed in the backline, which most see as his best position, but I feel as though he is the answer to United’s midfield apparent problem.

Sticking Jones in the anchorman role would free up Michael Carrick, and as a result would offer him the chance to utilise his creative passing. At the moment he is the defensive outlet in the midriff and has the job of shielding the back line, but having that extra man beside him would increase the 33-year-old’s performances, in my opinion.

His ability to spray balls to the wings and pick out passes that other don’t even see is unbelievable, and I can’t help but feel that his extra defensive duties are hindering his form.

To see a midfield of the following is what I suggest.



Carrick                   Fellaini    


RVP                        Rooney

United fans, do you agree?

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