A Closer Look At How Giggs Ran The Game Vs Leverkusen Last Night

Ryan Giggs is a player who has disappointed many over the last few months as his performances have left a lot to desire, but he’s been forgiven because of his aging legs. However, last night saw the former Wales international put in one of the strongest performances I can remember seeing from him over the last few years, so I thought that I would go through it and give him some credit.

His ball retention has been awful this season in general, the worst at the club in fact, but he completed 91% of his 58 attempted balls last night, which was a sterling effort. It wasn’t like they were simple passes, either, it was a case of whatever he attempted came off and two of those passes were key.

He made four crosses and found a United head with both of his corners, as well as chipping in defensively. Giggs has been a player who has preferred to lay the ball off to a team-mate of late but he had no hesitation in having a pop at goal last night, having two strikes from outside the area.

It fills my heart with warmth to know the Welshman still has it in him to perform on the biggest stage.