Arsenal’s 3 Most Improved Players From Last Season To This

At this point of the season last year, Arsenal sat sixth in the Premier League table with 34 points. This time round they are top with 45 and look to be heading towards their first bit of silverware in eight years. There is still a lot of time to go, but things look promising for the Gunners. Here are their three most improved players from last year, in my opinion.

1) Aaron Ramsey

The Wales international started his season in blistering form this time round and shocked almost everyone who had seen him previously.

Without warning, Ramsey has scored eight goals and made 26 key passes in his 18 league games so far and completed 84% of his passes in general.

Over the entirety of last season Ramsey scored one goal and claimed two assists, which shows you just how far he has come.

2) Tomas Rosicky

You can’t help but feel sorry for the little playmaker as if it wasn’t for a number of injuries Rosicky’s career could have glistened. He has 12 games in the league so far this season and completed 16 key passes, and although he has failed to score the confidence in his play is evident.

Last season he played just 10 games and created nine chances.

3) Olivier Giroud

Many people had prematurely written the France international off before the season had already kicked off, but he scored four in his first four games. He now has 11 goals to his name from the 27 games he has played in all competitions and has claimed five assists.

He really does look like the real deal.