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5 Key Players Who Will Have Important Roles To Play For Arsenal This Season

Arsenal have strengthened their midfield and their attack over the transfer window, as they have increased their title hopes, if the bookies’ odds are anything to go by. In addition to their new players, some of their old, seasoned performers will have important roles to play. 5 important players for Arsenal this season will be:

1. Aaron Ramsey: His emergence last season was a huge lift for Arsenal. He found himself in the right place in the right time, and most importantly, took the right decision, as Arsenal were at the top of the table. It was no coincidence that when he was injured, Arsenal lost their hold over top spot and subsequently lost the title, as his innovativeness in midfield last season created chances that were impossible to replicate when he was injured for a major part of the back end of last season. He has already scored goals this season, as he has improved his finishing, looks to improve on Arsenal’s showing last season, and his individual success has pushed him to do even better this time around.

2. Per Mertesacker: Arsenal have only two world-class centre-backs, and the onus will be on Mertesacker to be the rock of Arsenal’s defence, not letting anything pass him by. He doesn’t have the pace to move forests and backwards too much, but he makes up for that with his ability to make good tackles and Marshall the defence around him. He has played this role to perfection earlier, but he will play more games this season if Arsenal don’t add to the number of their defenders, and having been at Arsenal for more than a season, he will be expected to take a leadership role and call the shots in defence.

3. Danny Welbeck: Post his £16m move to Arsenal on deadline-day, he will be under pressure to settle quickly and start scoring. He doesn’t yet have the fear of competition, as Giroud is out until the New Year. He has scored a brace for England when he was asked to lead the line. A team player by nature, he was wasted on the wing due to his ability to adapt to any place in the attack while at United. At Arsenal, he will relish the higher number of opportunities that he will get to play through the centre, where he can create a bigger impact. He will want to better his record of a goal per 9 matches, and at Arsenal, he will be able to rub off the slate and start afresh.

4. Alexis Sanchez: Having been shown the exit door at Barcelona, he will want to prove to his old club that selling him to make way for Luis Suarez was a huge mistake. He can play various roles in the team, he can score and assist for fun, and he has the pace and strength to succeed in the Premier League while playing for Arsenal. Playing with other top players and adapting to Arsenal’s methodology will be a piece of cake for a player like him. He will be given a free-roving role at Arsenal, as he can shoot, pass and cross with good judgement, as and when required.

5. Mesut Özil: Having spent a year at Arsenal where he ran out of steam after a good start during the heavy Christmas season, he will look to increase his work-rate so that he can contribute more, instead of tiring and running down the minutes to the end of games without making an impact. Arsenal will look to their most expensive purchase to deliver on his immense talent, and he could repay their faith by lighting up matches and securing trophies for the team.

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