Sponsored Video: Get Your FIFA 15 Xbox One Copy Now

Amidst recent rumours that Argentine and Barcelona super star Lionel Messi is set to join Chelsea after a dressing room incident with manager Luis Enrique, Messi has joined hands with Chelsea’s Eden Hazard recently for the new FIFA 15 advert for the Christmas period.

So, is this an extended Christmas for the Chelsea fans? Is it even possible that Lionel Messi, I repeat Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona for another club, while he is at his prime? There are several scenarios involved here, but it general, most of the sensible fans out there would know that this is nothing but the media just doing their thing on an another day. Anyways, that is upto the club’s hierarchy to deal with it.

I have managed to get my hands on FIFA 15 recently, thanks to offer price for which it was available recently and if you haven’t bought it yet, it is just the right time to get yourself one. Xbox One offers the perfect platform to experience the maximum potential of the game, build with quality that is just amazing and it’s Ergonomic design let the gamers enjoy non-stop gaming.

Watch the below trailer where Messi takes on Hazard in a match held at Stamford Bridge under snowy conditions and make use of your festive money to the maximum as January is a good time to have fun in the gaming world during which most of the gamers are active.

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