Boring, boring city?

Many argue that Roberto Mancini’s tactics at times do not take risks and causes city fans to fall asleep, however Mancini proved he is willing to take a risk as he set up a very attacking line up against Sunderland last Sunday.

Samba & Co earn unlikely point in the bid for survival

With a run of 0 wins in 6 and a trip to the ground in which Rovers had previously conceded 18 goals in 4 games, many would assume before the game that they were doomed, myself included, but Blackburn proved what a crazy league this is by securing a 0-0 draw with 10 men for the last 15-20 minutes, a point which was so vital as well as unlikely.

What’s that on your head??

There’s no doubt there’s potential there and I’m sure he could be a very good player, but mate sort your hair out would you? I don’t even know how to describe it apart from baffling, short at the sides and the back and on the top the ends of a sweeping brush stuck up by the looks of it and he thinks this looks good?

Trautmann, a real legend

So I sat down flicking the channels the other day when I came across the Bert Trautmann story, a goalkeeper for Manchester City mainly in the 50’s and 60’s, he was the first German player to play in a Wembley Cup final and is famously known for breaking his neck vs Birmingham in the 1956 cup final and carrying on leading Manchester City to a 3-1 victory.